The Lost Champions is another Level Design Project from Vancouver Film School. Based off the role-specific puzzles of the classic Lost Vikings, Lost Champions is a 3rd person puzzle game made using Unreal Engine 4, where players must use the unique abilities of each champions together to solve puzzles and escape the dungeon. While working on Lost Champions, I designed my level to teach players the abilities of their champions separately and with minimal punishment for failure before requiring that they use all abilities together. Additionally, I tried to create different situations, both on and off the critical path, that require different combinations of hero abilities in order to keep surprising and delighting players.


Designed as a teaching tool for cover-based shooters, Combat Sim involves 3 different beat types: Stealth, Defense, and Assault, and is made in Unreal Engine 4. Players must complete these objectives, using different weapons, as well as their ability to effectively control the battlefield using cover.  For Combat Sim, I focused on interesting architecture to create my cover layouts. Because each beat type is so different, it was a challenge to design consistent spaces that still served their respective gameplay purpose. Ultimately, my decision to craft my level around interesting architecture resulted in spaces that felt distinct, and served to move gameplay forward and highlight each different beat type effectively.


Desert Rally Racers is a 3D Arcade Kart Racing game made in Unreal Engine 4. Using Unreal's spline and terrain tools, I created two unique tracks using the existing project: an A-to-B, and a circuit track. While creating each track, I paid special attention to effective pacing through different elements such as (but not limited to) track height, cant (angle), width, turns, and placement of custom scripted boost pads. For both tracks, I worked strongly with the idea of landmarking in order to give players a sense of progression through each track. In my A-to-B track, this took the form of players making their way through a large canyon two thirds of the way through the track. In my circuit track, the landmarking was slightly different because players would pass by each landmark twice. This meant that I focused on placing landmarks that could easily indicate to players their position in the current lap, like large cacti, and a mesa overhang.