As part of a smaller team within the Live Operations team, my main focus is continuously designing new and exciting Quests for our players to enjoy. Day-to-day, this involves everything from Map and Encounter design, to working with other Designers, Artists, and Programmers on new features to expand what we can do with our Quests and continue to entertain our players. I also write a portion of our in-game dialogue for Quests, as well as the vast majority of any narrative or lore-focused Live Operations copy. There's a lot more than that, so feel free to reach out and ask, but below is a good sampling of some of the things I do.

  • Designing layouts, encounters, and rewards for monthly event quests, as well as permanent story content for hardcore players.
  • Assisting in defining new features and communicating design needs to programmers and artists.
  • Assisting in defining long-term goals for permanent content and creating content to match those goals.
  • Writing Dialogue for ongoing narratives throughout the game, as well as majority of any lore-focused Live Operations copy.
  • Consistently working with the Community Team to engage directly with players.
  • Assisting with designing other Live Operations content.

If you'd like to see one of the Quest features I helped design (Portals), check out the video below:

Below is another video featuring voiceover work I co-performed elaborating on a large update to our primary competitive social mode I assisted in developing:

Here's a few of the specific Quests I've worked on: