Hi! I'm Scott and I'm a Game Designer.


I have a passion for helping create engaging content, systems, and levels.


Quest Designer

Marvel Contest of Champions is an award-winning Free-to-Play fighting game for iOS and Android. Players assume the role of the Summoner, and collect their favorite Marvel Heroes and Villains to battle through different types of Quests and PVP modes.

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Level Designer & FX Artist

Headventures in the Underworld is a 3D isometric Co-op game that casts you and a friend as two young teenagers: Gus and Olivia. After Gus and Olivia lose their heads to the tricksy Beelzeboss, they must travel to the Underworld and use the spirits of their lost heads to solve devilish puzzles and defeat minions of Beelzeboss and re-attach their stolen Noggins! 

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Level Designer & Scripter

Quest for Valor is a 3D 3rd person action adventure created by Scott Morin as a teaching tool for students at Vancouver Film School. In Quest for Valor, Juno must battle against the minions of the Skeleton King in an attempt to clear dungeons, solve puzzles, and defeat the Skeleton King!

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